Letters against a new Border Patrol station in Port Angeles, WA

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Dear Mr. Parsons,

I’m worried that our country is becoming too militarized.   Aside from all the money the US military industrial complex is spending on wars in foreign countries, taking away from sorely needed basic human services like health care, education, jobs and food needed here at home.  Therefore, I resent the encroachment of the quasi-military Border Patrol, on our communities, as well as their tactics, and certainly don’t want them occupying a permanent building site that could well be used for better purposes.  My preference is to not have the Border Patrol here at all.  I would prefer that all that tax money be spent on upgrading and improving locally controlled civilian police departments.  Go somewhere else if you must!

 If the US would stop attacking and occupying other countries, their would be no need for “terrorist” control.  If there were a fairer distribution of wealth in the world, there would be no immigrant problem.  The more we try to protect our privileged status, the greater will be the problems we bring upon ourselves.

 Sincerely,    Anita Matthay

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Dear Charles Parsons, Environmental Program Manager,
Customs and Border Protection,

I protest placing a large facility detention facility on the Olympic Peninsula or anywhere, for that matter. There are better ways to deal with illegal immigration than rounding up then warehousing people. I fear for what those may be used for in the future as well.

The potential for abuse is too high and the track record of these sorts of facilities is dismal.

To put this facility in a neighborhood will degrade the neighborhood. The only positive I
can think of is that if this place is in plain view that at least everyone knows the terrible
detention policies of our government.

O’Neill D. Louchard

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