30 days to comment – Environ. Impact Statement on Port Angeles BP Station

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 This is a link to the full 127 page impact statement.  Fascinating reading – especially the last part which shows the actual  signin sheet from that late-notice public meeting and has all the comments submitted by all of us last time around.  They basically say there is minimal impact of a new station.  Also mention future increases in agents, etc.We have thirty days (till March 29, 2011) to comment!
Title:   Draft EA And FONSI For The Proposed Construction, Operation, And Maintenance Of DHS U.S. Customs And Border Protection U.S. Border Patrol Station Port Angeles, Clallam County, Washington 
Date Posted:   25-Feb-2011  
File Size:   8244513 KB 
Summary:   This document will be available for one month from 28-Feb-2011.

Angry Arizona, Again

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A bill to chop up the 14th Amendment to deny citizenship to children born in Arizona to undocumented mothers. A bill requiring hospitals to check every patient’s citizenship status, turning doctors and nurses into the immigration police. A bill to deny education to undocumented children by requiring proof of citizenship to enroll in any public or private school. A bill to criminalize driving by illegal immigrants, and to evict them from public housing.
February 26, 2011

Many states are doing urgent business: jobs, the economy, broken budgets. Arizona’s legislators are trying to give government new powers to strip away individual rights, Read more

Arizona Lawmakers Push New Round of Immigration Restrictions

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February 23, 2011

PHOENIX — Arizona lawmakers are proposing a sweeping package of immigration restrictions that might make the controversial measures the state approved last year, which the Obama administration went to court to block, look mild.

Illegal immigrants would be barred from driving in the state, enrolling in school or receiving most public benefits. Their children would receive special birth certificates that would make clear that the state does not consider them Arizona citizens. Read more

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