3 Big news items on immigration!

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Number 1 Same-Sex Couples Gain Limited Recognition – The Dept. of Homeland Security announced that immigration officials are to consider same-sex relationships as equal to straight relationships when making decisions about whether to temporarily suspend deportation cases. While same-sex relationships will continue to not be recognized for most other purposes under our immigration laws, this news is an important step forward and will help ensure that many families throughout the country will not be split apart. Read the HuffPo article here.

Number 2 Gov. Romney Clarifies His Position Regarding Program Serving Youth – Governor Mitt Romney announced that, if he is elected President, he would honor work permits granted to individuals under President Obama’s Deferred Action program. He also stated, however, that he would not continue the program going forward once he takes office. NWIRP continues to serve undocumented youth who qualify for this new initiative through workshops and legal clinics. Learn more about our efforts here. Read more about Gov. Romney’s statements here.
Number 3 NYT Officially Refuses to Use Fair Language – The Public Editor of the New York Times officially decided to continue using the term “illegal immigrant” – a term many (including NWIRP) consider inaccurate, offensive and unethical to use, instead of adopting the term “undocumented immigrant.” Read more here.

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