Next Meeting April 3, 2pm in Port Angeles

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Stop The Checkpoints will meet in Port Angeles on Saturday, April 3rd, at 2:00 pm.  Due to Library furlough of workers for a week due to budget cuts, the meeting will be held in a home near the Library.  Please email or call 360-452-7534 for the meeting location. 

Topic will be:  What real immigration reform should look like and how  we can achieve it!   Articles previously posted below provide some views on this topic.  Bring ideas for action plans.

Reading List on history of guest worker laws in U.S.

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Resources used for “History of guest workers laws in the U.S

Educational talk by Lois Danks at Stop The Checkpoints meeting on Jan. 9, 2010 in Sequim, WA

Illegal People: How globalization creates migration and criminalizes immigrants, by David Bacon, Beacon Press, Boston, 2008

They Take Our Jobs and 20 other Myths about Immigration, by Aviva Chomsky, Beacon Press, Boston 2007 (at library)

Guarding the Golden Door: American immigration policy and Immigrants since 1882, by Roger Daniels, Hill & Wang, New York, 2004 (at library)

New Faces in New Places; The changing geography of American Immigration, Douglas S. Massey, editor, Russell Sage Foundation, New York, 2008 (at library)

There’s No Jose Here:  Following the hidden  lives of Mexican Immigrants, Gabriel Thompson, Nation Books, New York, 2007 (at library)

One Hemisphere Indivisible:  Permanent revolution and neoliberalism in the americas, Guerry Hoddersen, Red Letter Press, Seattle, 2006 (copies available from Lois Danks for $8.00)

Viva La Raza:  A History of Chicano Identity & Resistance, Yolanda Alaniz and Megan Cornish, Red Letter Press, Seattle. (, 2008.

Video Showings-Dec. 1st and 5th

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Tuesday, December 1st at 6:30 pm, Sequim Library, 630 N Sequim Ave. 

Saturday, December 5th at 2:00 pm, Port Angeles Library, 2210 S Peabody St.

  “Farmingville” documentary showing in Sequim and Port Angeles

 The Stop the Checkpoints Committee will hold two showings of “Farmingville”, a documentary which puts a human face on the current debate around “guest worker” and other proposed immigration reforms. Filmmakers Carlos Sandoval and Catherine Tambini spent a year in the small Long Island town making this 2003 Sundance award winning film.  

 Farmingville (80 min. English/Spanish w/English subtitles) portrays the chilling hate-based attempted murders of two Mexican day laborers in the small town of Farmingville, Long Island, which catapult the population and the immigration issue into the national headlines, unmasking a frontline of the new border wars – suburbia. 

 This bilingual, verité documentary allows many players in the story – long term residents, day laborers, elected officials, and advocates on all sides of the issue – to speak for themselves, offering a rare and intimate glimpse behind the headlines.  The Stop The Checkpoints committee is working to start a productive local conversation about immigration policies and civil liberties, particularly as they play out on the Olympic Peninsula.

Showings, which are free and open to all, will be held at 6:30 pm Tuesday, December 1 at the Sequim Library and at 2:00 pm Saturday, December 5 at the Port Angeles Library. For information about the event contact Lois Danks, Stop the Checkpoints Coordinator at 452-7534.  For more information about the film visit the website

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