A Federal Ruling and New Leadership Moves Border Patrol Away From Racial Profiling

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Last month a court ordered that Latinos and other immigrants can’t be stopped and interrogated at random. And, surprisingly, the Border Patrol isn’t crying foul.

By Nina Shapiro Tue., Apr 21 2015 at 05:41PM    Seattle Weekly
One June morning in 2011, an Anacortes police officer pulled over a Hispanic man, supposedly for failing to signal a left turn. The traffic stop quickly turned into something else, however. The officer suspected that the man, a local artist and longtime Anacortes resident named Gustavo Vargas Ramirez, was in the country illegally, and called the Border Patrol.

Represented by the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project, Vargas later sued the federal government, claiming that he was illegally arrested by the Border Patrol. While the artist was, in fact, undocumented, the Fourth Amendment requires probable cause before any arrest is made. Instead, Vargas claimed, what Agent Hafstadt (as well as the local officer) did in his case was to profile him based on his race. Read more

#Not1More’s Virtual Conference this Week

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This week marks the fifth anniversary of Governor Brewer signing Arizona’s SB1070 into law.
To commemorate the last five years of resistance and movement building, groups from across the country are joining with Puente as they launch their ICE Free AZ campaign to finish the job of ending the collaboration between ICE and police empowered by the racial profiling law.

You can be part of the convening by joining one of the virtual conferences throughout the week.

10:00am pacific Thursday April 23rd - SB1070: Five Years of Resistance
10:00am pacific Friday April 24th - Women on the Frontlines
5:00pm pacific Friday April 24th - Civil Disobedience & Migrant Rights (Spanish)
10:30am pacific Saturday April 25th - Next Generation of Resistance
Read more

Many immigrants may be released without bond after judge’s ruling

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April 13, 2015

Seattle federal judge orders the DOJ to obey a law that allows some immigrant detainees to be released on their own recognizance while their cases work through the system.

By Mike Carter

Seattle Times staff reporter

In a move that could affect tens of thousands of detainees, a federal judge in Seattle has ordered the Department of Justice to obey a law that allows for the release of some undocumented immigrants without posting a bond.

Immigration-rights leaders say the law is routinely ignored in Washington and elsewhere in the United States because of a conflicting Department of Justice (DOJ) policy that requires immigrant detainees to post at least a $1,500 bond regardless of whether they pose a danger or flight risk.

“People should not be locked up while they are in immigration proceedings simply because they do not have money to pay a bond,” said Matt Adams, the legal director of the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project (NIRP). Read more

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