Bordering on paranoid: Inside the U.S/Canada divide near Victoria

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The National Post (a Canadian national newspaper) interviewed Stop The Checkpoints folks Alex, Jim and Libby in Port Townsend; Stop The Checkpoints coordinator, Lois Danks in Port Angeles;  and Forks Human Rights Group members for the following article:

Brian Hutchinson Aug 12, 2011 9:33 PM ET

PORT ANGELES, Washington • Christian Sanchez thought he was one of the good guys, a
veteran U.S. border patrol agent stopping foreign criminals and terrorists from
sneaking onto American soil. Two years ago, he accepted a transfer from
southern California to this small blue-collar city. “The Port Angeles station
was described as one of the exciting new places to be,” he recalls.

Not so, he discovered. Port Angeles is no San Diego, his former bailiwick. Perched
on the edge of the remote Olympic Peninsula, on the cold Strait of Juan de
Fuca, its closest neighbour is Victoria, B.C., not widely known as a terrorism
launchpad. Marijuana smugglers occasionally drift across the strait, but the
U.S. Coast Guard takes care of them. Mr. Sanchez found himself with little to
do but drive up and down the peninsula in his border patrol vehicle, for 10
hours at a time, “wasting gasoline” and blowing taxpayers’ dollars. Read more