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Labor Strike Continues At Burlington Berry Farm | KUOW News and - 63k -Cached - Similar pages

Sep 19, 2013  Immigrant advocates and workers on strike from Sakuma Brothers “The fact of the matter is Sakuma Brothers Farms pays all seasonal berry 

Farmworker Strike at Sakuma Brothers Berry Farms | Food First - 22k - Cached - Similar pages

Aug 5, 2013  CALL NOW: Sakuma Berry Farms 360-757-6611. Ask them to negotiate in good faith with the democratically elected committee of Familias 

Sakuma Brothers Berry Boycott by Ansel Herz – Seattle News – The - - Cached - Similar pages

4 days ago  Sakuma Brothers Berry Boycott – Workers at a Farm Outside Seattle Demand Better  This triggered a sudden strike by more than 250 workers, 

Community Alliance for Global Justice » Sakuma Brothers Farm strike - 25k -Cached - Similar pages

Sep 16, 2013  The berries are ready to pick, the berry pickers are on strike, andSakuma Bros Farms [...] Tags: Familias Unidas por la Justicia, Farmworker 

Sakuma Brothers Farm | Káráni: Escribir o Volar - 74k - Cached - Similar pages

Both strikes gained wage increases of $1.00 and $0.75 respectively. …. Farms andSakuma Berry distributors to let them know that you demand that the 

Sakuma Bros. threaten to evict striking farmworkers! Call Now! : Stop - 29k - Cached - Similar pages

Sep 16, 2013  The berries are ready to pick, the berry pickers are on strike, andSakuma Bros Farms is refusing to negotiate. Farmworkers will be rallying 

Striking Sakuma Berry Workers Need Your Help NOW! | New - 32k - Cached - Similar pages

5 days ago  The workers at Sakuma Berry Farms north of Seattle are on strike – the fourth strike against the company this season. The company has gone 

Viva la Huelga! The Agricultural Strike at Sakuma Brothers Farms - 26k - Cached - Similar pages

Jul 25, 2013  The Agricultural Strike at Sakuma Brothers Farms and the Tradition of  or seasonal agricultural workers, for the August blueberry harvest.

Sakuma Tells Striking Farmworkers to Vacate – Seattle Weekly - 82k - Cached - Similar pages

Jul 24, 2013  Burlington’s Sakuma Brothers Farms told striking migrant workers that  workers and their families live in cabins provided by the berry farm.

Boycott Sakuma Berries | Support Local Farmworkers!




Sakuma Berry Workers Need Your Help NOW!

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The workers at Sakuma Berry Farms north of Seattle are on strike – the fourth strike against the company this season.

The company has gone back on its promises of wage increases, and fired Ramon Torres, the leader of the workers’ organization, Familias Unidas para la Justicia.

Boycott picketlines have gone up at the company’s processing plant, and in front of stores in Seattle.

Now the company may be moving security guards into the labor camp where the strikers live.  The workers need your help now:

Call Sakuma Farms, and tell them:

Sit down and negotiate with the workers.

     Rehire Ramon Torres.

     Stop harassing workers in the labor camp.

     Guarantee the jobs of the striking workers, this season and next.

Sakuma sells a lot of strawberries for Haagen Dasz ice cream, which is owned by Nestle Foods.  Call Nestle, and tell them they are in violation of their principles of social responsibility.  They need to tell Sakuma Farms the same thing – sit down with the workers.

Sakuma Farms berries are sold under the Driscoll label.  Driscoll needs to do the same thing – to tell Sakuma Farms to sit down and talk.

Workers need your help NOW!  If you can only make one call, please make this one.
Sakuma Brothers Farms360-757-6611
If you can make three more calls, call Nestle, Haagen Dasz and Driscoll.
Diane McIntyre, media contact for Nestle food   510-601-4338
Haggen Dasz   800-767-0120
Driscoll   800-871-3333
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Standoff in the strawberry fields

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August 19, 2013  5:00AM ET
In July, Washington berry pickers went on strike. A week after their return, farm owners brought in H2A guest workers

BURLINGTON, Wash. — Over a tense two-week period in July, at the peak of the summer harvest season, almost 250 workers at the $6.1 million Sakuma Brothers strawberry and blueberry farm — one of the largest in Washington state — went on strike twice. Workers fought with the farm’s owners over wages, overtime pay, alleged racist treatment and conditions in their housing camp. They won concessions but lost on most of their monetary demands. With few resources left, they returned to the fields.

Sakuma Brothers Farms could afford to play hardball because it had an ace in the hole: It had been certified to bring 160 new workers from Mexico under the restrictive H2A guest-worker program. And the lower wages mandated for guest workers under U.S. immigration law proved to be the limit not just for the H2A workers but also for all the other pickers at the company.  Read more

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